c.1968 Set Of 6 Starlux France Alien Figures

c.1968 Set Of 6 Starlux France Alien Figures

These are a set of six hard plastic figures produced in France by Starlux (a complete set consists of 10 figures). I couldn't find out much about the Starlux company other than this was their only set of Aliens. But I did discover that even one is tough to find. The company is most notable for their soldiers and figures of war. Each comes on its own stand embossed "Starlux" on the underside. Each is finely painted over either bronze. blue, or silver colored hard plastic. They're not flexible.

Starting at the left is

1) Reptillio  largest of the set measuring 2¾" tall with red and white eyes and a little pointed head

2) Wolfette  smallest of the set measuring 1½" with silver paws, black hair & red eyes

3) Adenoid  segmented limbs, silver claws, face of a newt, 2" tall

4) John Boy human (I guess) with long blond hair, and very stylish blue suit! 2-5/8"

5) Flygle  with suckers for fingertips, antennae, and wide silver eyes (he's a looker), 2¼"

6) Motharina  winged and helmeted bombshell. Large silver eyes, claws, and red bandanna, 2-3/8"

And if you can't tell by now I made up the names!

Date Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 38


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