1951 Marx Sparkling Rocket Fighter In Original Box

1951 Marx Sparkling Rocket Fighter In Original Box

Magnificent near mint to mint in box example of one of the most popular toys of the 20th Century. This is a Marx tin litho, clockwork "Rocket Fighter" in beautifully working condition complete with its scarce original box.

Awesome tin lithographed toy was actually produced in 1939 as the Flash Gordon Rocket Fighter. The lithography differs in that this model doesn't have the Flash Gordon name associated with it. A number 5 also appeared on both wings of the original toy. Another variation of this toy was produced earlier in 1951 which, although has no Flash Gordon name on it, retained the number 5 on the wings. This example was the final version which had both the name and number removed from the toy. The box, however, was used to package both 1951 versions. This is why the number 5 can be found on the box wings, but not on the toy.

The other main difference between the 1939 and 1951 models; the 1939 version was steel litho. The 1951 version is tin litho. Both have an aluminum cowl around the cockpit. This example also has its original green acetate gel inside the exhaust ports.

One other point to mention has to do with the rear upright stabilizing wing. Although it's often duplicated and typically yellow in color it's unusual, but not uncommon, to find the "numberless 5" version with a black fin as in this case. This is the original tailfin, not a reproduction.

The original box is one of Marx's all time greats! The same 1939 illustration, minus the Flash Gordon name, was used again in 1951. The stark red, black and white colors contrast each other greatly which really makes the drawing stand out. It comes complete with original interior flaps showing assembly and spark replacement schematics.

Size: 12¼" long.

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 520


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