1932 Newton Mfg Co Aero Circus In Original Box

1932 Newton Mfg Co Aero Circus In Original Box

Amazing aeronautical toy called the Newton Aero Circus; it works beautifully, it's complete, it's easy to set up, comes with its original box, instructions, and inserts, and best of all it's in fantastic excellent++ to near mint condition.

It uses the basic principles of weight, momentum, and gravity to produce a unique repetitive motion; all without the use of a clockwork mechanism.

It was designed to carefully counter-balance the weight between a heavy cast iron zeppelin and two lighter monoplanes. Raising the zep to a precise height and then releasing it, causes the two planes to rise, revolve, and automatically self-reverse. To accomplish this it uses all of its original parts including a specific length of cotton cord.

The base of the toy is also cast iron. It's painted dark green with a yellow directional arrow in the center. The toy name, manufacturer name and address surrounded by fancy scrollwork were printed on one corner of the base with gold paint. The zeppelin was painted silver with a black pilot cabin and a red circle at the top.

The aeroplanes have a wooden fuselage, stiff pressboard wings, silver painted cast iron engine, aluminum propeller, and pressed steel landing gear with chrome plated metal wheels.

The rods which make it all work are made of painted pressed steel with chrome plated metal pulleys. One rod is also brass finished. It also uses a die cast metal spoke topper to hold the cord in place. It's overall height once assembled is approximately 3 feet!

The box is as unique as the toy. The cover features a full panel color illustration of the aerodrome at night with planes landing and taking off. The sides of the box show the facades of the two hangers. Curiously, the zeppelin wasn't included in the illustrations. Patent numbers and date were printed on the lower left cover corner. One endflap still has its original $1.00 price sticker from John Wanamaker in Philadelphia.

The underside of the cover was printed with schematics of the parts, their assembly, and operation of the toy. It even includes instructions on its disassembly, which are as specific as setting it up. All six of the original inserts are also included. The inserts are as important as the toy itself. They hold each part securely in place and are the reason why the toy is in such incredible condition after 75 years.

Size: Box is 16" x 6" x 2½". Planes have 4" wingspan and 5" fuselage

Date Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 202


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