1962 Kenner Build-A-Home Set In Factory Sealed Box

1962 Kenner Build-A-Home Set In Factory Sealed Box

Fantastic "Girder & Panel" Build-A-Home construction set manufactured by Kenner. Never played with, the box has remained unopened, and factory sealed in its original cellophane shrink-wrap. The box itself grades as phenomenal near mint+ to mint condition.

Think about it; here's a box which is nearly 50 years old intended to last maybe a few years. It contains 194 separate parts and weighs nearly 4 pounds. And even after all this time it's never been opened and still has its original factory applied cellophane intact with only the exception of the upper right corner. How many toys, no matter what type, can make that claim? Probably not too many.

Kenner's Girder & Panel series was extremely successful. Using only vacuformed plates and plastic molded pieces everything from a shed to a hydroelectric dam could be built. It was limited only by the kids imagination and the parents pocketbook. This was No. 15, "Build-A-Home Set". It could be combined with any of the many other girder and panel toys. With this set anything from a small individual home up to a multi-building subdivision could be built. From my own humble experience I once owned the road construction set and I loved it!

Size17" x 12" x 2"

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 113


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