1959 Technofix No. 294 Mining Train In Original Box

1959 Technofix No. 294 Mining Train In Original Box

Outstanding clockwork tin litho "Mining Train" manufactured by Technofix, Nuremberg, (West) Germany. Comes complete with original box, both cars, and correct Technofix key. Of the double car train only the locomotive has a motor. The light tender is attached "for the ride".

Technofix was one of the chief manufacturer's of "manipulated track" toys. Their Cog-wheel Railway, Ghost Train, and Mountain Express were all examples of multiple movement on a single length of track. The Mining Train is one of those toys.

Starting at the low end of the toy it climbs up an incline (which is also hinged) using a cog-clockwork mechanism. The cog mechanism conserves energy by engaging the motor only when its in contact with the center ridges on the inclined track. Once the motor disengages from this type of track it automatically shuts off which allows it to run for a much longer period of time. Gravity and inertia keeps it going.

The double train continues through a tunnel onto a raised spring hinged track which, because of its own weight, declines down to a lower track. The spring automatically raises the track once it relieved of the weight. Gravity moves the double car train across the lower track level, through a second tunnel, pushes up against the underside of the first hinged track and back where it originally started. The cycle repeats. It works well and for a long time.

Lots of intricate lithography helps complete the image of this complex, yet very simple looking toy. It winds up using its original, separate nickel plated cast iron key.

Like most of the Technofix toys, the front cover of the box is a single full color illustration without any text. It shows the two car mining train on its initial incline in a real plant setting. The manufacturer name and catalog number were printed on the box apron. The toy itself is hinged underneath in two places allowing it to fold inside the rectangular box.

Size: 34". Locomotive w/tender 5½"

Date Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 105


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