1955 Tootsietoys Chevrolet Corvette Factory Sealed

1955 Tootsietoys Chevrolet Corvette Factory Sealed

These two factory sealed die cast Tootsietoy cars are the last of a multiple toy lot from the Donald Kaufman collection (founder of KB Toys). They were sold at auction by Bertoia Auctions and come with their original hang tag.

Chevrolet Corvette Police Set

Two door teal colored body with cream colored roof and silver painted highlights. Rubber tires. Still attached to original pink die cut card. Police Set includes silver painted die cast metal revolver and plastic "Special Police" number 711 badge. I doubt that it's a coincidence that it also happens to be "Dragnet's" Sgt. Joe Friday's badge number.

Set of Corvette, gun, and badge are fixed to original card and factory sealed in original bag. Red Tootsietoy double-sided header card with 39 cents printed price had been marked down to 36 cents. Header card fixed to bag with original factory staples. The bag center seam is present on the same side as the toys.

Size: Car 4", Revolver 2¼".

Chevrolet Bel Air with Pedestal Sign

Four door sedan uniformly teal colored throughout. Rubber tires. Includes die cast "Parking Limit One Hour" pedestal sign painted yellow with black lettering and outline.

Auto and sign are factory sealed in plastic bag with double sided Tootsietoy header card. Printed with price of 15 cents. Bag center seam is present on the underside.

Size: 3" Car, Sign 1½".

Date Sold: Feb. 2011

Price Sold: $ 50


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