1956 Linemar Donald Duck Nephews with Rifles In Original Box

1956 Linemar Donald Duck Nephews with Rifles In Original Box

Here's a great toy that you rarely see. It's the mechanical tin litho "Donald Duck with His 3 Nephews" manufactured by Linemar (Japan). Also known as "Donald Duck and Nephews with Rifles". Super rare toy comes complete with its original box. The box is even tougher to find. Best of all both the toy and box are in amazing near mint- condition!

As with several "modern day" rare toys its scarcity was due to low production volume. In this case the hunting aspect of Donald and the boys carrying loaded shotguns might not have sat too well with Eisenhower era consumers. Maybe someone at Disney or Marx (Linemar) thought of the possible negative perception and repercussions of such a toy. Whatever the reason there were very few produced. It was re-released in an all plastic version, but minus the weaponry. Even the box for the plastic toy was modified with the rifles eliminated.

The toy is all brightly colored tinplate connected by metal rods. The quartet spurts forward with quick left-right movements. Each figure carrys its original rubber rifle, which even if you've been fortunate enough to find the toy, are frequently missing.

The original 88¢ Kresge price sticker still clings to Donald's left tail feathers.

The box is just terrific! The top cover with blue background shows a happy Donald and nephews carrying their weapons over their right shoulder just like the toy. The front and rear aprons with yellow background depict a similar illustration of the foursome from a frontal view. The side aprons, again with yellow background, show only a head shot of Donald with a very anxious look on his face. No where on the box was the actual word "rifle" printed. Then again it really wasn't necessary.

Size: 11"

Sold: Sep. 2011

Price Sold: $ 866


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