c.1946 Rohrseitz Nr 850 Loreto Church In Original Box

c.1946 Rohrseitz Nr 850 Loreto Church In Original Box

Wonderful tin litho music box, or music organ manufactured by Karl Rohrseitz, Nurember, Germany. Simply called "Loreto" it was named after The Holy House of Loreto which is alleged to be the house where Mary was born and raised. It comes complete with its original box; the toy appears to be unused.

The actual Loreto is located in Recanati, Italy in what was originally a laurel grove or "Lauretanum" for which it is named.

The toy is a manually wound music box which plays continues organ music as long as the crank on the rear panel is turned. The sound produced is not "clinky", but actually sounds like a real organ. It plays no actual tune; just the sounds of an organ. The sound is projected through 9 die cut slots in each side window. A brass fitting or plug on the underside is the only part of the music box which is visible. The winding crank is metal with its original red wooden handle.

It comes in three sections. This includes the main building structure, a separate steeple, and its original die cast lead steeple finial (i.e., the little ball and base at the top of the steeple). It's amazing that this piece was never lost. The manufacturer's unique KRZ intertwined gear logo was lithoed on the rear panel. It's marked "Made in Germany".

The box features a full color, applied illustration of a church with musical notes swirling through the windows. The toy name, catalog number, manufacturer's trademark, and Made in Germany were printed as well. The box is held together with all 12 of its original 90?? right angle staples. It also comes with its original card-like insert.

Size: 7¾" (including crank) x 10" x 4-7/8"

Date Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 67


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