c.1925 Woolsey Mfg. Mechanical Football Kicker

c.1925 Woolsey Mfg. Mechanical Football Kicker

Frequently misidentified as being manufactured by Hubley, this cast iron Football kicker was produced by the Woolsey Mfg. Co. It was the primary component of a game which originally included a fiberboard back ground with die cut football targets (shown below). I found very little information about the toy and its manufacturer.

The toy is made of painted cast iron and has a spring operated right leg. Pull this leg back until it clicks into position. Pressing the base lever releases the leg to kick the football. The football is all lithographed tinplate. It's marked "Made In U.S.A.". It also has a diamond shaped manufacturer trademark which was so small I couldn't read the lettering. It's lithoed with seams and laces.

The ball can be placed upright or horizontally on a sliding "cup" fixed to the base. The position of the cup defines the severity of the kick; although after 85+ years of spring fatigue it only travels a few inches. But at least it's present and it does work. The example I've seen of this game including the photo below shows it with a celluloid football, however this is the ball that came with the toy. I've seen it in celluloid, but this is the first tin example I've found.

Size: Footballer 8-3/4" tall including base. Football 2¼".

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 161


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