1952 Blomer Schuler, Aeromobile In Original Box

1952 Blomer Schuler, Aeromobile In Original Box

Even after years of collecting toys something "new" always shows up! This is the Aeromobile; a steel and tin litho clockwork driven toy that starts out as an early 1950s sedan and ends up as an airplane. Manufactured in U.S. Zone, Germany by Blomer & Schuler, it features its astounding transformation from automobile to flying airplane while it's moving. The condition is impeccable; spectacular near mint. And it comes complete with its fantastic original box.

Although very difficult to find I have seen two previous examples in this grade, with box, in the past 20 years (see last photo). However, unlike those toys or the only two others I've seen (which were in poor condition), this toy has something that none of the others had. It had been imported into the U.S., sold under a U.S. manufacturer name (Automatic Toy), comes with a completely different box, and was decorated with U.S. military insignias! Specifically the Army Air Corp; F-1550 and the Air Corp star. No other example of this toy had this designation. The underside is stamped "Made in U.S. Zone Germany".

Even without the markings it's an amazing concept toy. Flip the rear lever up (stop). Wind it from underneath using the separate key. Place it on the floor, flip the lever, and off she goes. Immediately from just underneath the windows a large wing fans out on both sides. Simultaneously a triple blade propeller sprouts outwards from the radiator and begins to spin. It moves forward a few inches and then retracts both the wings and propeller. The cycle then repeats. To complete the transformation it has a permanently mounted upright tail wing and an embossed streamlined rear trunk. There's also a tiny lever between the front two tires on the underside of the car to change the cars' direction.

It's unilaterally colored bright, bright red with a silver chassis. The tires are black celluloid, plastic, or hard rubber; it's difficult to say for sure. The wing edges are lined with polished tin to permit easy retraction and expulsion. The front bumper and propeller are plated chrome.

As a U.S. imported toy it was made available by the Automatic Toy Company, Staten Island, NY, and includes a die cast key embossed with the Automatic Toy name. It also comes with a certificate of "factory testing" with the caution statement that it can be easily over wound. Repair cost was 50¢ prepaid.

The box is of typical German construction. Thin, yet strong, press yellow paper with 90° right angle staples in each corner. The lid was covered with a green textured material. Best of all a full panel color print of a landing Aeromobile was applied to the cover. Several more Aeromobiles are shown in the background leading out to the distant city. It states "Made in Western Germany" which being different from the markings on the underside of the car help date its production. "It's a Car", "It's a Plane", etc. and distribution by the "Flare Import Corp." are also printed. There are no markings to identify it's original manufacturer. As mentioned I've provided photos of two other Aeromobiles; both sold in Western Germany. It's interesting that all three boxes are different.

Size: 8¼" as airplane.

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 1249


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