1959 Marx Electric Powered Marx Mobile In Original Box

1959 Marx Electric Powered Marx Mobile In Original Box

An incredible example of 20th century American toy production at its finest. It's the rare, all steel "Electric Powered Marx-Mobile" produced by Louis Marx Company, Glendale, WV. In excellent+ to near mint condition it comes complete with all original accessories plus its super rare original box with insert. A true fantasy ride-on convertible car it was originally available only during the 1959 Christmas season. It was replaced by an electric Hot-Rod in 1960.

Advertised as "Kids! Now you can drive a real automobile!" it weighs over 30 pounds with the separately sold battery inserted. The car sold through Sears-Roebuck cost $21.95. The 6 volt battery ran an additional $3.59. That was a lot of dough in 1959!

It features a sleek mid-to-late 50s design with a beautifully detailed 3-tone colored body, huge twin tail fins, a whopping front grille with 4 head lights, and a full range of dummy dashboard gizmo's topped by an impressive red steering wheel. The right side mounted lever moves it forward, reverse, or neutral. Retractable chrome plated steel foot rests extend 3½" out from each front fender.

The tires and bumpers (around the front and rear edges) are black rubber.

The multi-buttoned dashboard is lithoed with transparent plastic covered fuel gauge, oil, engine temp, amps, clock, and speedometer. Direction signal arrows are controlled with the red lever on the left. The dummy radio uses 3 black and 3 red raised buttons. 5 additional raised red dummy buttons indicate drive, park, gear positions, etc. There are also 7 dummy black and silver control knobs for lights, heater, wiper, etc. . Included is the scarce cigarette lighter knob. It's removable, as are real lighters, and so is frequently lost. However the rarest dashboard item of all is the original ignition key. This is the first one I've seen still on its original chain complete with red plastic car emblem.

The huge box was printed in red and black. Lots of advertising text was printed as well as the "new" Marxie Marx trademark logo. This new animated Marx logo was introduced in 1959 and aids in identifying the correct year of its manufacture. (Research on this toy revealed incorrect dating as early as 1952 and as late as 1961. It's also been identified as tin litho which it is not). Also most prominent is the large illustration of the proverbial clean cut kid riding atop of his Marx-Mobile. Also included is its original insert.

It uses a standard 6 volt "ride-on" car battery (approx. 10-12 amps) which is not included. My research indicated that this would provide a speed of from 1 to 3 mph. The positive terminal is marked.

Size: 30¾" x 13¾" wide x 12¾" tall (including steering wheel).

Date Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 1550


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