1955 Linemar Farmer's Market Truck In Original Box

1955 Linemar Farmer's Market Truck In Original Box

Wonderful tin litho friction drive "Farmer's Market Truck" manufactured by Linemar. Unused and unplayed with it's in near mint condition. Comes with all five original plastic fruits plus its original box.

Selling originally for only a thin dime this Wholesale Fruits Farmer's Market stake truck packed a lot of play into a little toy. It features classic mid-50s pick-up design with embossed hood, fenders, and tail gate. All cherry red body with black chassis and polished tin plate front grille assembly, stake bed sides, and wheel covers. Tires are solid black rubber. Advertising decals are on the both sides of the trailer and doors.

The front and rear were fixed with small tin litho black/white license plates. These are unusual for several reasons. In addition to the plate number the year of manufacture "55" was lithoed. Also the U.S. state abbreviation for Georgia, "GA" was used. And most unusual; along the bottom edge of the plates are the state motto "Peach State". I can't recall seeing any other Marx or Linemar toy which used a specific state lithoed license plate.

It has five colored plastic fruits; bananas, orange, lemon, pineapple, and of course a peach!

The colorful box was illustrated with the Farmer's truck on its way to market filled with produce. Several building are shown in the background. Opposite panels show the truck driving across an orchard planted with different fruits. Linemar advertises the toy as "friction siren". The "siren" is actually the sound of the typical friction drive mechanism.

Size: 4¾"

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 80


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