c.1935 Tipp & Co. Motorbike Patrol In Original Box

c.1935 Tipp & Co. Motorbike Patrol In Original Box

The preeminent German manufacturer Tipp and Company, Nuremberg, produced this awesome Motorbike Patrol toy only a few years before the outbreak of WWII. Yet, despite it's 75+ years it's barely been used. Overall near mint condition with the original wind-up keys still factory sealed in bag! (A 3rd spare key is provided). It comes complete in its original box which grades excellent with inserts.

The toy consists of:

  • a clockwork speeding streamlined Roadster - metallic burgundy body with black trim, beige roof, black fenders, darkened windows with driver profile on each side, polished tin balloon tires, and a beautiful single piece polished tin, slanted grille with attached headlights. Wound from right door. No markings.
  • features automatic braking mechanism controlled by the position of the rear bumper
  • and a clockwork Police motorcycle with attached sidecar - dark green bike and sidecar with brown "leather" seats and die cut torso mounted cop, handlebars and headlight. Engine and muffler details lithoed in black/white. Three polished tin balloon tires plus a "hovering" (barely makes surface contact) silver painted support base. Wound from underside chassis. Marked with "TC" rear license plate plus a large "T" on the gas tank. Also "Pol."
  • uses rear stop/start lever
  • connecting "track" roadway lithoed with stone pavement and raised green "grass" rails. Includes 6-curves and 2-straights; total length approx. 6½ ft.

Both vehicles are wound individually using their own separate key. The Roadster is set down first onto the track and released followed by the motor bike. The cyclist appears to "chase" the Roadster. As the Patrol bike near the car it's front fender nudges the Roadster's left rear bumper. When the left end of the bumper is completely pushed forward it automatically stops the car. 

The box features a full panel color print showing the motorbike chasing the speeding roadster up mountainous terrain. Dotted line arrows indicate contact points between the bike and the cars rear bumper. A large red and white Tipp and Co. trademark was printed in the lower left corner. *The right corner of the print is marked "Foreign". Edges and aprons were printed with a repeating diamond shaped design. It has its original "H-shaped" divider fixed to the box bottom.

Size: Roadster 4¾", Motorbike 3½". Box 10½" x 8½" x 2¾"

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

*The U.S. Congress passed the McKinley Tariff Act on October 1, 1890. It imposed tariffs on imports and demanded that the name of the country or origin be stamped or printed on items imported into the United States. Beginning in 1893, every item that was imported into the United States had to be marked "Foreign". If any item was not marked according to the law, it would be turned back at customs. Beginning in the early to mid-1930's revisions to the law requiring the complete country of origin were included.

Price Sold: $ 2015


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