1927 Wilder Mfg. "Ocean To Ocean" Flight Game

1927 Wilder Mfg.

Wilder Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, MO. produced many games during the 1920s and 30s; although today they're virtually unknown. This "Ocean To Ocean Flight Game" was one of their most popular. In fact it was so successful that the company produced it again in the 1930s, however this example is the earlier version.

The most dramatic and attractive thing about the toy is the box cover. However, condition is always a factor and this example definitely "makes the grade". It's 100% complete, 100% original, and appears to have never, or infrequently used.

The cover features a nearly full panel size vertical color illustration. Rather than a simple drawing it looks like it was originally created as a painting. In the foreground, high above the Earth's surface, is an unusual two-man, high-wing monoplane. Scrunched down and angled forward in the single seat cockpit is the pilot. There's no windshield. There's also no ground communication. To sight the position an observer stands inside a small opening in front of the cockpit with raised binoculars. Only a thin railing separates him from falling. The brown scalloped wings and narrow fuselage make it look mighty fragile. In the background and at a slightly higher altitude is the competitor. They fly a biplane and are shown in shadow.

The name of the game was printed in a small section above the illustration. The diamond trademark logo of the manufacturer is in the upper right corner.

The game itself is simple with a printed map of the 48 states along with instructions pasted to the box bottom. It includes the original spinner and six differently colored wooden pegs.

Size: 7½" x 12½ x ¾"

Date Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 23


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