c.1934 Automatic Toy Co., Auto Speedway Jr. In Original Box

c.1934 Automatic Toy Co., Auto Speedway Jr. In Original Box

The Automatic Toy Company, once located in Staten Island, NY manufactured one of their most well known toys during the early to mid-1930s. Called "Auto Speedway" it featured two clockwork racers making hairpin turns around an embossed steel litho base. The first to cross the line after a specific number of turns was the winner. It was so successful that the company produced this "Jr." version of the toy.

It uses only one clockwork racer. Connected to its left running board is a point. Random numbers were lithoed on the center of the Speedway. Where ever the car stopped with its pointer over a number was the final position of that racer. In this way one racer could be used, yet multiple persons could play. It was also fairly inexpensive selling for usually 10¢. And as you could guess most were well used.

Which makes this particular example a bit unusual. The toy itself looks barely used. Despite its hair turning ability the base Speedway is near mint. It comes with its original box, original box for the racer, and a key (which is most likely a replacement).

Raised embossed surfaces on the Speedway enable the racer to run around the oval without falling off. Tailspins and near spin-outs were possible. In other words you got a lot for a dime. The original #5 blue racer, plus the Speedway, are included.

The color illustrated box shows the single racer running across the track. "Action, Speed, Endurance" are noted. The original racer insert box is plain heavy stock paper and is complete.

Size: Speedway 12¾" Racer 3¾"

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 103


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