c.1961 Bandai Air Control Tower In Original Box

c.1961 Bandai Air Control Tower In Original Box

Awesome battery operated tin litho "Air Control Tower" manufactured by Bandai. Complete with USAF Airplane, USAF Helicopter, Control Tower, Remote Controller, and of course the original box. Outstanding near mint to near mint+ condition and works great.

Easily assembled by placing tower light onto tower. The extension rod (which holds the plane and copter) folds out to over 3 feet in length. Remote controls both speed and height. Tower light lights up and rotates, while the airplane propeller begins spinning. The copter counter-balances the plane so it starts out lop-sided; its not electrified.

Once it gets going it moves fast enough to make the plane rise about 1 foot off the ground. Definitely use fresh batteries and place it on a large smooth surface. I had it running for several minutes with both the helicopter and airplane off the ground.

Here's some neat facts about the toy.

  • The plane has both a pilot and copilot under a clear plastic canopy.
  • The plane metallic silver trimmed with red and yellow. The wheels are tin. The rear stabilizing wheel is rubber. The prop is plastic.
  • There are three positions, or notches for the hook holding the helicopter. I thought it worked best on the last notch.
  • The helicopter has rotating blades although they turn manually. The tires are rubber.
  • The tower light has all 5 of its original colored acetate windows.
  • The extension rod which holds the plane and copter folds up into 5 separate sections.
  • The helicopter is the only part marked with the Bandai trademark.

The box features a colored illustration of the airplane during take-off. The tower and helicopter can be seen in the background. The Bandai trademark is on the lower right corner. Directions for operating the toy, assembly instructions, and battery placement are drawn in schematics on the front and rear aprons.

Size: Tower 11¾" tall. Extension rod 37-3/4" long. Airplane 9¾" wingspan & 7¾" fuselage, Helicopter 6¾" long and weighs nearly a pound.

Date Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 510


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