c.1957 Yoshiya, Space Whale Ship In Original Box

c.1957 Yoshiya, Space Whale Ship In Original Box

Classic and very strange "Space Whale Ship" manufactured by Yoshiya. Clockwork, all tin litho in amazing near mint condition. Comes with rare original box plus insert.

The weirdness of the Space Whale is it's most characteristic and desirable attribute! Winds up using the attached plated key. Raise the antenna and off she goes. As it moves forward it slowly opens its huge mouth and then quickly snaps it shut. As it proceeds forward its two, off-center rubber wheels, and third tin wheel causes it to lumber from side-to-side. Its blue tinted googly eyes move around, and the side fins (called ears) occasionally swing outwards as it limps along. Lower the antenna and she stops.

Lithography; Unusual dark blue star field lithoed body with a little Sputnik on top and features port hole side windows showing astronaut and robot occupants. Red and white striped tail fin label Pioneer and image of ringed planet (plus the manufacturers trademark). To reduce sharp edges most of the tail fin is contained within a chrome plated molding. It also has its original red celluloid transparent plate behind the antenna (needs flint to spark). And of course there's the button nose and huge plastic tipped antennae.

The box has a fantastic cover illustration showing the Whale on a lunar surface with mouth wide and open. Lunar "stuff" in the background includes a bubble-hut and an orbiting station. A very happy kid-type astronaut on the left edge seems to approve. The insert consists of a simple diamond shaped cardboard loop.

Size: 9¾"

Date Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 687


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