1961 Yonezawa Oldsmobile Police Station Wagon In Box

1961 Yonezawa Oldsmobile Police Station Wagon In Box

Unusual Police "Highway Patrol" version of a 4-door Oldsmobile station wagon with enclosed rear section. All tin litho vehicle with friction drive motor. Comes complete with original box.

Large 12" long auto, black and white (of course), loaded with all kinds of stripes, and emergency horns, emergency roof lights, side molding, and lots more. Marked with "P.D.", "Police Dept.", "Highway Patrol" designations, plus Police insignias the roof, passenger door, and drivers door. Also marked with the Yonezawa trademark logo and "Made in Japan" on tail gate. Underside chassis has "Oldsmobile" in raised lettering.

The vehicle is four door although the two rear doors are only embossed. It has both of its original front and rear celluloid windshields. The rear windshield is fixed (not designed to lift up). In addition to the friction motor it has a spinning emergency roof light, produces a siren sound while moving, and working wipers. The interior is all tin litho with a white plastic steering wheel.

Chrome plated components include wrap around rear and front bumpers, front grill with head lights, separate tail lights, windshield frames, wipers, emergency roof light housing, and embossed wheel hubs. Tires are solid black rubber with separate metal white walls and hubs. The underside chassis is a single black embossed plate.

The friction motor works well and is powered by rotation of the rear wheels.

Original box has a nearly full panel illustration of the wagon occupied by two officers (weirdly drawn out of scale). You can just make out the hanging shotgun just behind the driver. The name of the toy and Rosko tested were printed on the all four aprons. The Rosko trademark logo (the U.S. toy distributor) and Yonezawa logo (manufacturer) were printed on either front lower corners.

Size: 12"

Date Sold: Feb. 2011

Price Sold: $ 368


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