1956 Mansei Haji, New Ford Convertible In Original Box

1956 Mansei Haji, New Ford Convertible In Original Box

Superb tin litho friction drive New Ford 2dr. Convertible manufactured by Mansei (Haji). Gorgeous near mint vehicle complete with original box. Provenance from the Kaufman Collection (KB Toys). Comes with original auction hang tag.

Brilliant mint green body embossed with doors and rear trunk features double bench seat interior, lithoed dashboard, metal steering wheel and solid black plate chassis. Vehicle is unusual in that typically the chrome side molding is "vee" shaped. The molding on this toy is flat, which is similar to earlier models.

Vehicle has rear drive friction powered motor and works great without any sluggishness.

Loaded with chrome "stuff" including windshield frame with smoker windows, hood ornament, headlamps, front grille with separate front bumper, side molding, rear bumper, and hub caps. Also has front and rear trunk hood emblems and separate rear license plate. Tires are solid black rubber with tin litho whitewalls. It also has its original blue tinted celluloid windshield.

Dashboard is marked "Ford" and "Japan". Back of the front seat is marked "Haji".

Original box features a color 1950s illustration of the New Ford convertible. It's parked outside waiting its approaching occupants. The side panels were printed with (appropriately enough) a side view of the car. It's shown in a beach setting with the water, palm trees, and mountain in the background. It appears to be parked. The driver looks upwards at a departing airplane. A woman in the back seat stands up and waves to the same airplane (at least I hope it's parked). End flaps were printed with a very excellent front view image of the car from the perspective of the front grille. Includes original Bertoia Auction hang tag from the Kaufman Collection.

Size: 7½"

Date Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 359


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