1960 Ichiko Cadillac 4dr Polizei Car In Original Box

1960 Ichiko Cadillac 4dr Polizei Car In Original Box

Unusual and really neat 4-door tin litho, friction drive Cadillac hardtop sedan Polizei (Police) car by Ichiko. Superb near mint condition complete with original box.

Features an accurate rendition of a black and white Cadillac sedan police car with P.D. emblems on both doors and trunk. Trimmed with silver on the embossed lines on either side of the hood and over the tail fins. "Polizei" lithoed on the hood and also on the trunk. Chrome plated wrap around front grille assembly is also a true rendition from the actual car including the hood "ornament" litho and the Cadillac logo on the back trunk. Marked "Made In Japan".

Features "moving light". The emergency roof light will turn right and left as the car's friction motor moves. Includes original chrome plated spring antenna.

Plated components include windshield frames, wheel covers, and front and rear bumper assemblies. It has both of its original celluloid windshields and all four solid black rubber tires (with plated hubs). Underside is a single black lithoed plate. Rear tires operate the friction drive.

Original box printed with a terrific, finely detailed illustration of a 1960 Cadillac. A simpler, yet still elegant version of the car was printed on the front and rear aprons. The Ichiko trademark was printed on the box only. Also includes original insert.

Size: 6". 

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 305


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