1957 Yoshiya Police Motorcycle Patrol In Original Box

1957 Yoshiya Police Motorcycle Patrol In Original Box

Unusual, manually wound friction drive tin litho Police Motorcycle Patrol (with self-changing direction action) manufactured by Yoshiya. Superb near mint- (minus) condition complete with original box.

The toy represents a uniformed policeman riding a 3-wheel trike motorcycle. A communications phone with electronic doo-dads and coiled metal antenna rests on top of the rear compartment. The front headlight is polished tin. The handlebar grips are black rubber and allow the figures' metal hands to stay in place.

After a lot of research I believe that the flying-H on the left side of the gas tank represents an early Honda logo. The flying-P on the right side represents the series. The Yoshiya "KO" logo is located on the lower right rear corner on the back of the trike.

Yoshiya used their patented self winding crank mechanism in many of their toys. The crank, located on the underside of the cycle between the rear tires, rotates an inertia driven flywheel to drive the two rubber "training wheels". These randomly turn in any direction. The rear wheels turn freely and keep the toy upright. Best of all it works great!

The box features a full panel illustration of the Police Dept. patrol in action on a city street checking parking meters . The ' Chrysler taxi and ' Cadillac across the street helped to date the toy. The "KO" Yoshiya logo is located in the lower right corner. Cragstan, which was printed multiple times, was the U.S. distributor. One of the box bottom panels still has its original 66 cents price stamped onto it.

Size: 6" long, 5" tall, 2-¾" wide.

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 293


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