c.1961 Yoneya "Mechanical Merry Rocker" In Original Box

c.1961 Yoneya

Neat little mechanical wind-up tin litho toy made in Japan by Yoneya. Called "Merry Rocker" it's in near mint condition and is complete with original swirling canopy and original box.

Animal toy (chimp and pup) features multiple actions including rocking, rotating canopy, animals move upwards and out of their seats, and moving arms. Designed to resemble two seated critters (in bunny chairs) on top of a brick wall with grass and flowers at the base.

Toy is marked on the base beneath key stem with pre-1964 Yoneya S.Y trademark. Company changed their trademark to YONE in 1964.

Original box illustrated with a weird color drawing of the "toy" which is indicative of the approximate date it was manufactured. Includes trademark and simple illustrations on the aprons. Box bottom includes original $1.00 price sticker marked down to 50 cents.

Size: 6½" x 5" x 2-¾"

Date Sold: Sept. 2010

Price Sold: $ 70


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