c.1952 Animated Jeweled Kit Cat Klock In Original Box

c.1952 Animated Jeweled Kit Cat Klock In Original Box

Terrific, and all original c.1952 Kit Cat Klock in its original box. Scarce jeweled version, sand color (light beige) with black bow tie, black clock hands, and white eyes and mouth. Complete with all 147 original glass "jewels". Works great. I ran it for a half hour and it kept accurate time. This is an all original clock; not a reproduction.

Features mesmerzing animated movement. Both eyes move and tail moves, but in opposite directions simultaneously. "Jewels" or glass sequins were used to adorn the ears, eyes, nose, bowtie, paws, clock face, clock hands, and cat tail. The majority are clear transparent with a diamond-like brilliance. The center of the clock hands and the two centers of each bow tie end have emerald green glass. The eyes are red. The tail separates from the body and is easily reattached.

I believe that it was molded from cellulose acetate plastic. The backside was embossed with the Underwriters Laboratory trademark. The lower section of the back panel was embossed "Kit Cat Klock, California Clock Co., San Juan Capistrano, 115 Volts  60 Cycles  3 Watts, Model D8. Wiring and electrical plug are all original.

Original yellow and teal green box was used generically. The front apron indicates that the box contains a jeweled clock with correct matching color. No insert.

Size: 14½" w/tail attached.

Date Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 153


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