1937 Marx Sparkling Soldier In Original Box

1937 Marx Sparkling Soldier In Original Box

Fantastic clockwork tin litho figural soldier with sparkling rifle in supine (laying down) position. In near mint to near mint+ condition complete with original box and correct die cast metal key. The patent number and logo type accurately dates its year of manufacture.

Since WWI the figural "stealthily slithering soldier on his belly" was an enormously popular toy. Other versions were produced in Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, and the United States. They were made from tin, steel, celluloid, wood, composition material, glass, and even paper. It's simple design included a slowly rotating clockwork mechanism. One gear was engineered to intentionally stop moving periodically. This gives it a wiggle, or crawling appearance.

The Marx Sparkling Soldier is represents the classic crawling infantryman. However, Marx used an extraordinarily strong clockwork system and incorporated a "sparkling flint" mechanism. It was also made to appear more realistic by increasing the depth of embossing, adding lithoed shadows, and extensive detail. Unfortunately it was expensive to produce. There was also no way to replace the flint, and the separate key was easily lost. From my research it was produced for only one year.

The original box for this toy is a simple text style with tuck-in flaps on both ends. The toy name, manufacturer name and address were printed on every panel including the flaps.

Size: 7¼"

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 351


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