c.1940 Marx, Children's Air Raid Uniform with Original Helmet

c.1940 Marx, Children's Air Raid Uniform with Original Helmet

I thought this Children's Air Raid Uniform manufactured by Marx was so neat I couldn't resist owning it....at least for a little while. It's a three piece set including long sleeve cotton shirt with matching trousers. The third component is an awesome pressed steel WWI style helmet. 

Both the shirt and trousers are khaki colored and are heavy twill cotton. The shirt has four front pockets each with a decorative button embossed with an eagle and the U.S. Shield. The buttons are metal and are probably pressed tin over a zinc core. Three more buttons loop through the front to keep it closed. There are no missing buttons. Above the left vest pocket is a red, white, and blue embroidered insignia and appears to be original to the set. In addition it has both of its original epaulets with gold embroidery plus matching embroidery on the shirt cuffs. I'm guess that it's a child size 4-6.

The trousers were sewn from identical material as the shirt. The same gold embroidery decorates the outer side of each pant leg from top to bottom. It has all five original belt loops and both original brown polystyrene buttons in front in place of a zipper. The buttons are original. The trousers size is commensurate with the shirt. In other words they're matching sizes.

The helmet is narrow gauge pressed steel painted silver inside and out. A beautiful red and gold decal featuring a growling lion with the star constellation Leo behind him (and I thought there'd never be a use for college astronomy). Scroll work below the lion states, "Fighting Squadron" and "Made in America". The Marx logo (which dates the toy) including the address appears in a winged formation above the red sky. The helmet still has its original thick felt liner although its missing the helmet strap. The purpose of the two holes on either side of the Marx logo is unknown. 

The logo design and the helmet and uniform style, date it to pre-WWII but post-1939. It was not produced during WWII because of metal rationing. All of this led me to call it an Air Raid Uniform which was most typical for this time period. 

Size: 10" x 9" x 3½". Trousers 24" long 20" waist. Shirt 14" across.

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 76


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