c.1958 Sankei Half Track w/3 Pom Pom Cannons in Original Box

c.1958 Sankei Half Track w/3 Pom Pom Cannons in Original Box

Awesome tin litho friction motor powered Half Track with three pom pom cannons. Outstanding unused near mint condition toy from the estate of the original owner. Complete with original box. Works fantastically!

Coincidentally, there's an article in this month's (May, 2008) issue of Antique Toy World. The toy was mentioned in an article called "Orphan Toys" by author Jack Herbert. The article was about toys of unknown "parentage". The printed caption reads "from the late 60's, I'd guess. .... Have you ever seen one before?" As a matter of fact, yes I have. Just one and this is it! I had the benefit of knowing the approximate age of the original owner to correctly date the toy several years earlier than Mr. Herbert's guess.

Beautiful toy with "stuff" all over it!  Rear section includes cannons and solider. As the toy moves forward the three cannons raise and lower, while the barrel lengths alternate simultaneously. The center retracts while the side cannons extend, and visa versa. This occurs while raising and lowering. This all happens while it emits an internal, and repetitive "ack-ack" sound.

A really neat touch is the three dimensional soldier seated at the controls, circled by plated metal. The center of the vehicle has two raised louvered motor plates, while the front has an enclosed driver and co-pilot section. Rivets on every possible metal corner and edge, lithoed hatch covers and the Army Corps insignia were added. The Sankei "K" encircled logo is lithoed onto the rear bumper.

The different sections and components are all separately tabbed to the very angular body. It also has extended chrome headlamps, chromed visor above the driver, chromed railing around the rear solider and chromed tail lights. The cannon barrels are polished tin, as well as the six embossed tire hubs. It runs on a whopping total of 10 black solid rubber tires with heavy duty treads and raised fenders. The two rear pair are both double tires. The center axle rides loosely to allow for "suspension".

The box features a full panel color illustration of the vehicle with cannons blasting away. Another half track can be seen in the background. The toy name and manufacturer's logo was printed as well. The box aprons repeat the name of the toy and its actions. A simple portrait diagram was included to highlight the moving components. 

Size: 9" x 4" x 4". 

Sold: May, 2008

Price Sold: $ 200


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