c.1946 Distler, "Autobahn" in Original Box

c.1946 Distler,

Early post-war set manufactured by Distler. Never seen this set before. Marked only "Made in Bavaria US Zone", I was able to identify the correct toy name and manufacturer only through extensive research using German published references. It comes complete with color illustrated original box featuring a Shell gasoline station on the cover. Also includes original inserts and key.

Set consists of two elongated hood Mercedes style sedans; one green, one orange. Both are heavy gauge tinplate and run on clockwork motors. The chassis are embossed and single plate. The wheels are pressed metal discs painted silver. The rear trunk of each car is marked "Germany, US Zone". The underside gray chassis plate is also stamped "Made In Germany" on both.

Each auto has a rear start/stop lever protruding through the rear trunk. In addition,the front and rear bumpers act as a motor switching mechanism. Push them so that the front bumper extends outwards and the vehicle will move forwards. Push the rear bumper so it extends out and they'll run in reverse. The motors and switching mechanisms work beautifully on both vehicles.

The autos run on a 29" x 14" double looped, "figure-8" gray metal interlocking track (10 curves and 1 central cross). The track sides (or rails) are raised slightly above the height of the track floor enabling the cars to run at a higher speed, just like the real Autobahn. 

The two piece box was constructed using the classic style of 90° right angle staples in each corner. The cover has an applied color print showing streamlined post-war vehicles speeding along the highways and byways of the Autobahn. An easily recognized Shell station was included in the illustration most likely as a buying incentive. It's marked "Made in Bavaria US Zone". The underside of the box still has its original important sticker into Canada. The two inserts are both original. It's difficult to tell whether the key, which is old and fits the key stems perfectly, is original to the toy.

Size: Autos 4". Box 10½" x 5¼" x 1½".

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 261


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