1948 Marx, "Mechanical Tractor and Mower Farm Set" in Original Box

1948 Marx,

Terrific two piece Farm Set manufactured by Marx which I've never seen before. Titled the "Mechanical Tractor and Mower Farm Set" it includes a tin litho clockwork tractor with plastic wheels and tin driver, plus a separate two wheeled mower. The pair comes with their original box and are in near mint condition. 

This was one of the Marx company's smallest mechanical metal tractors measuring only 5" long. It's also the first Marx tractor that used plastic. The four black spoke wheels are polystyrene. The wheels on the mower are solid rubber. Another version of this mower with identical lithography was produced with tin disk wheels as well. 

The yellow and red tractor runs on a small clockwork motor with start/stop lever. It has an attached key and tow hook. The driver is separate although removing him may scratch the toy. The treads are the original black rubber. 

Best of all it works great!

The mower was beautifully embossed with raised surfaces making it look more realistic. It has an elevated seat and a pair of 4¼" long mower teeth. Gears attached to the right tire cause the top yellow set of teeth to move back and forth, although they won't cut anything. It uses a metal rod with a loop at the end to connect with the tractor tow hook. 

The two color box, red and black on a white background, shows the mower and tractor in action. A simple early post-war illustration was used. The side panels show the set from its right side. The endflaps include the toy name, as well as the manufacturer name and address.

Size: 11" connected.

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 256


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