c.1955 Linemar, Sparkling Armored Car in Original Box

c.1955 Linemar, Sparkling Armored Car in Original Box

Awesome tin litho sparkling armored car manufactured by Linemar. Comes complete with original box. Outstanding near mint condition with working sparking mechanism.

Never seen this very unusual friction drive military vehicle. The design is fabulous; brilliant yellow embossed body with matching turret, black embossed details including hatch covers, vents and rivets, large 1" black main gun with working sparking mechanism, single plate embossed black chassis with complex silver lithoed details (extends to form front bumper), and solid black rubber tires with "lady-bug" black and red colored wheel covers. A nice added touch is a silver gun barrel protruding from the front hatch just above the bumper.

The box is just as nice as the toy. It features a full panel detailed illustration of the Armored Car in action coming down a road with bombs exploding in the backgroud. A barbed wire fence can be seen off to the right. The box bottom still has its original JIS-Z Japanese exportation sticker on one of the side aprons.

As I mentioned the sparking mechanism works, however it's a newly replaced flint and needs some use to spark brightly. But it does work. I replaced it myself without having to take apart the toy.

Size: 4¾"

Sold: Jul. 2008

Price Sold: $ 416


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