c.1940 Marx, Sparkling Soldier Motorcycle in Original Box

c.1940 Marx, Sparkling Soldier Motorcycle in Original Box

Large and richly detailed clockwork tin litho motorcycle with uniformed rider. Features prominent handlebar mounted gunners shield with protruding sparkling cannon. Scarce toy comes complete with original box with schematic instructions, original separate key, and original key envelope. 

One of the most colorful and unusual of the large Marx motorcycles; the frame, gas tank, fenders, and gunners shield were lithoed in yellow, brown, and green camouflage. The cannon is brown and easily lifts away from the gas tank to replace the sparkling flints. The spoke tires are lithoed with blue treads on a white background. The front wheel rotates, while the rear is stationary. The two rear black rubber "training wheels" provide balance. The detailed engine and auxiliary components were lithoed using darker colors to make them appear recessed. The cycle base (i.e., kickstand) is forest green. Louis Marx & Co., Made in USA, and Pat. Pend. was lettered around the left, rear inner fender. There is no Marx logo on the toy.

The soldier wears a red, three piece uniform trimmed in yellow (cap, coat, and trousers). However, in true Marx fashion the uniform body is orange, while the arms are red. Twin yellow chevrons on both shoulders indicates that he's a Corporal. He's also wearing yellow gloves and brown boots with calf-high laced leggings. A loaded cartridge ammo belt around his waist holds a holstered pistol, pouch, and canteen.

The toy operates using a separate die cast metal key. It's the correct key and original to the toy. The start/stop lever is located on the gas tank. It moves in a large circular pattern while sparks are simultaneously emitted from the cannon. Best of all the toy works great. It sparks and runs beautifully.

The box is unillustrated with all text, however the inner flaps were printed with a list of operating instructions plus a schematic for replacing the flint. It's complete with all seven original endflaps firmly attached. 

Size: 8" x 5¾".

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 525


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