1950 Marx, Police Rookie Motorcycle Cop (Ver 2.) in Original Box

1950 Marx, Police Rookie Motorcycle Cop (Ver 2.) in Original Box

Outstanding tin litho clockwork toy in excellent+ to near mint condition complete with original box. Fantastic toy, but not too flattering for Pennsylvania's State Troopers.

This was the second version of Marx's Rookie Cop. An earlier model produced in 1933 was more complex, but the actions are identical. The cop travels counterclockwise in a large circular pattern. It uses an attached, wide, chrome plated steel key, which, as it revolves causes the vehicle to tip over. As the key continues unwinding it automatically uprights the cycle and then proceeds on its way. 

The early version of the toy had no tie-in to an actual law enforcement group. However, the cop rider in this example clearly is shown wearing the keystone emblem of the Pennsylvania State Trooper on his left shoulder. This can also be seen on the box illustration. In addition the earlier toy had no mention of seeing him "flop", nor did it have a siren.

The Trooper wears a gray shirt and red pants with yellow and black stripes, plus matching cap. He's also wearing knee high brown boots, gray gloves, and goggles. The predominately yellow and silver motorcycle is loaded with lithographed details including wheel spokes, headlight, engine cylinders, exhausts, and speedometer. The front wheel rotates freely. It uses a small rubber tire on its right rear to provide the friction necessary to move the toy. On the left is a smooth black wooden tire which cuts down on the friction allowing the vehicle to tip over. The siren with rotating fan produces a high whining sound as the toy operates. 

The yellow, red, black, and white illustrated box shows the surprised Rookie Cop on his cycle in a "wheelie" position. The large grinning face of another cop in the lower right corner laughs at the floundering cycle cop. The front and rear panels have another illustration of the surprised cop from a different angle. The Marx trademarked logo, rookie cop see him flop, and world's largest manufacturer of toys, were printed on the endflaps.

Size: 8½".

Sold: Aug. 2008

Price Sold: $ 404


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