1933 Buster Crabbe, "King of the Jungle" Movie Puzzle

1933 Buster Crabbe,

"Movie Cut-Ups, a Weekly Puzzle of your Favorite Movie Stars in coming attractions". That was the purpose of producing this rather complicated puzzle featuring Buster Crabbe starring in "King of the Jungle". It's complete and in superb near mint+ condition with its original box. Advertised as "not less than 300 pieces", it actually contains 304.

About the film; Crabbe became an action star when he took the lead role in Paramount's "King of the Jungle". He starred as Kaspa, the Lion Man, but it was obviously a thinly veiled attempt to cash in on the success of MGM's Tarzan starring Johnny Weissmuller. It failed.

Apparently a company called Movie Cut-Ups Co., Inc. located in Peabody MA, produced a series of movie related puzzles with this one being number 12.  More than likely it could only be purchased at a Paramount sponsored theater. "On sale every Tuesday" infers that a new puzzle was obtainable weekly and that supplies of the previous puzzle, once sold out, were no longer available. 

Production on King of the Jungle began in 1932, so it's possible that the puzzle was produced before 1933. It's also possible that it may have been used to promote a rerelease of the film. However, because of its initial failure this is doubtful. Also 25¢ is good ballpark price for an early 1930's promotional movie toy. 

The original box is two-piece with two seals on the bottom. One of the seals has never been opened. The cover has an applied paper surface, printed in red and blue and features a large five pointed star on the cover. The price and advertising text were included on the top. The motion picture being promoted and the star's name were printed on the front apron (most likely so it could be identified from the side when stacked with other puzzles). The rear apron includes the company name and address. The top surface (inside the box) of the box bottom still has its original inspection stamp remaining.

The puzzle is a cardboard laminate and the first of its type I've seen. 

Size: 13¼" x 10". Box approx. 7" square x 1".

Sold: Jul. 2008

Price Sold: $ 67


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