1954 Gescha, "Maneuvering Tank F" in Original Box

1954 Gescha,

Awesome heavy clockwork, tin litho Maneuvering Tank by in Western Germany by Gescha. Toy was never played with and is complete with all accessories. Includes original box, instructions, and "caution" tag. 

Represents a very accurate rendition of an early post-war tank with multiple functions and accessories. All tin litho with steel bogey wheels and original white, solid rubber treads. Incredibly detailed embossing includes raised rivet heads, twin rear exhausts, rear vent, and turret. Acessories include removable pick axe and shovel with wooden handles, twin sparking machine guns with fold-down shields, two cast metal tow hooks, aluminum tipped cannon barrel, original coiled antenna, camouflage clip, original removable camouflaged netting, and hand painted composite driver. It has its original die cast metal key. 

Functions include two start/stop levers; the one on the tank turret controls the movement, while the second on the remote metal steering wheel changes its direction. Both must be set to either start or stop. Trying to change direction without the motor in the start position will break the controller. A pink caution tag printed in 5 languages warns of this possiblity. However, it's so well designed that it's capable of making a stationary 360° circle (i.e., complete rotation with only slightly moving forward or reverse). 

The driver is spring locked to pop up automatically from underneath the hatch. This is done by manually turning the turret 180° and then rotating it back it to its original position. 

The box top was illustrated with a color drawing of a young lad steering his Maneuvering Tank around obstacles. It also shows placement of the camouflage netting. One of the side panels has two beautiful drawings of the tank; one with driver protruding from the hatch and the other with camo netting. The opposite panels has several instructional schematics for turning the tanks and popping up the driver. The box bottom has two permanently attached inserts which secure the tank in place. 

Also included is the set of original double sided instructions written in five languages. Five steps must be followed to make it work properly and avoid breaking it. It also has its original pink card stock hanging tag with metal wire. Caution about not bending the steering coil wire, and to only turn the steering wheel when the tank is moving are repeated. 

Size: 7½" x 4½" x 4" yet weighs over 1½ pounds. Remote cable is over 1 yard long. 

Sold: Nov. 2008

Price Sold: $ 225


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