1950 Marx, Mechanical Fire Chief Car in Original Box

1950 Marx, Mechanical Fire Chief Car in Original Box

Incredible example of Marx's popular "Mechanical Fire Chief Car" complete with original box. Wind-up tin litho with attached key in brilliant cherry red. I acquired it from Bertoia's who graded it near mint. I always try to be very conservative which is why I've taken it down a half point to grade excellent+ to near mint. It comes complete with its original box which also grades excellent+ to near mint.

Beautifully designed two door auto with super long hood, embossed front and rear fenders, and absolutely loaded with litho details. The four occupants are shown in perspective (i.e., more than one window) This includes:

  • The Chief (with communications microphone in hand)
  • Driver
  • Two firemen (with helmets removed) 

The cherry red hood is divided by a wide swatch of white litho which tapers to the front grille. The front head lights are shaped like "home plate", while the grille has a neat toothy design.

"Fire Dept.". "Chief", "Car No.1", the chiefs door emblems, license plates and even yellow scrollwork on the roof were lithoed onto every panel. The entire bottom edge near the chassis was lithoed white with swirls of gray. The embossed single plate chassis was painted silver. The cut metal edges of the chassis and body were rolled smoothly together for improved safety and then fastened together with eight metal clips (all still in place). The tires are solid black rubber. Best of all it works great!

The box features a terrific panel-wide illustration of the Fire Chief Car drawn in ¾ perspective. From this angle you can see the driver, Chief, and a fireman in the back seat. The name of the toy, plus the Marx logo and motto were also printed on the main panels. A side image of the car was included on the the shorter side panels. The toy name, manufacturer name and address were included on the endflaps. 

Size: 11". 

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 305


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