1960 Bandai, Cadillac El Dorado Sedan in Original Box

1960 Bandai, Cadillac El Dorado Sedan in Original Box

I've looked this tin litho friction drive Cadillac El Dorado sedan over carefully at least three times and can find only one tiny condition point on the entire vehicle. Despite one minute ¼" scratch on the corner tip on the chassis underneath the car it's in perfect mint condition. As I can recall it's the first Japanese tin litho auto that I've ever graded as mint condition. It's weird saying it, but there's nothing wrong with the car. It's flawless. Just the tiny nick that you can see in the third photo from the bottom, lower left corner, just in front of the passenger side front tire. 

The body is a beautiful deep burgundy. The double bench seat interior is a combination of striped gray and burgundy. The steering wheel is white and the only plastic component on the car. As with the full size Cadillac, it's loaded with chrome. The wrap around front bumper and grille, hood ornament, hood vent, door handles, windshield frames, tail lights, rear bumper and wheel covers. All have bright, silvery mirrored surfaces. The front and rear windshields are the original blue tinted celluloid. Tires are solid black rubber whitewalls.

The original box features a finely detailed illustration covering most of the top panel. Adjacent to it are the Cadillac logo and name written in script. It's number 781 from Bandai's Automobiles of the World Series. The outside of the box bottom is bright red.

Size: 11¼".

Sold: Jul. 2008

Price Sold: $ 657


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