1932 Hoge, No.266 "Fire Chief Deluxe Coupe" in Origiinal Box

1932 Hoge, No.266

Extraordinary example of Hoge's, No.266 Fire Chief Deluxe Coupe Automobile in magnificent excellent+ to near mint condition. By far, grades the highest condition I've seen for this early pressed steel coupe. Comes complete with its original box which grades in incredible strong excellent+ condition. This is the first complete example with all original parts, all original paint, with its original box that I've seen. Best of all, everything works; the motor, headlights, and siren. Everything!

In 1932 this was the top of the line Hoge automobile. It features a single, large gold, black, and red, decal on the passenger door with the "fire chief" helmet  logo and a capital letter "H". It's made of an unusually heavy gauge pressed steel weighing nearly 3½ pounds without the box! The cherry red body has embossed hood louvers, doors, a gas cap door, roof, and window frames. This contrasts with its black running boards, fenders, bumpers, and chassis. It has a rear mounted chrome plated tire carrier on the rear deck and and a large V-shaped chrome radiator up front. It has its original flecked glass single red reflector attached to the left rear bumper and manual brake lever on the right. The solid black rubber tires with polished metal centers are embossed "Hoge" on the sidewalls and have authentically detailed treads. The front bumper can be turned right or left enabling the vehicle to move straight or in circles.

The motor is a rear mounted clockwork mechanism with removable screw-in original key. Tied in to the motor is a separate set of clockwork gears which rotates an enclosed circular metal fan. Air pushed through holes located in the sides of the fan housing create a remarkably authentic high pitched siren sound. The geared combination of motor and fan provided a uniquely engineered system of movement and sound generated by a single source. Hoge called it an "automatic siren". Today, many collectors are familiar with this mechanism, but 76 years ago it had never been seen before. Less than a year after its introduction Marx and Girard were selling their own versions which were essentially the same, but it was Hoge that first conceived the idea. 

The front head lamps are electrically operated using two standard D-cell batteries. A manual switch located in the coupe's interior turns them on or off. The antique lamps are the scarce 9/16" oversize version with white reflective inner walls and flat heads. No light bracket bar was used. Instead the bulbs screw into polished steel sockets that are hard wired directly to the battery leads. The bulbs are original and they work beautifully! 

The two piece, corrugated cardboard, slider box is all text plus the Hoge Fire Chief helmet logo. It was printed with the toy name, manufacturer name and address, and catalog number. Both parts are complete and intact.

Size: 14¼".

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 757


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