1934 Wyandotte, "Streamlined Electric Sedan" in Original Box

1934 Wyandotte,

It's hard to believe that an American company once produced a childs toy as elegant as this art deco streamlined automobile. You're looking at the No. 339 Streamlined Electric Sedan manufactured by All Metal Product Company, produced under the Wyandotte name. 

In my experience it's excellent+ to near mint condition is unsurpassed. I've never seen one better. Remarkably, it comes with its original box. Even more remarkable is that it still has its original intact, EverReady battery.

The toy is all pressed steel with baked on enamel finish. The overall design personifies the art deco movement of the 1930's. In other words it was built to represent "speed" even when standing still. To accomplish this goal the roof was rounded and made slightly oblique,. The "wings of Mercury" raised fenders were elongated, while the cockscomb hood ornament and slanted V-shaped grille gives it a somewhat arrow head appearance. 

At first glance it looks like a two door coupe, but its embossed divider on either side of the body identifies it as a sedan. The running boards are short and narrow. Up front is its original corrugated V-shaped radiator and rounded grille. Originally they were polished to a brilliant shine, but most of it has worn away or dulled. The rear bumper is also polished tin. The rear trunk was pressed to resemble a spare tire. 

It has its original light bar contact, plus the over sized head lamps are authentic, not reproductions and both work! It also has its original battery holder and contact switch. The tires are white, solid rubber and all original. Each is embossed Wyandotte.

The box was beautifully illustrated with a fine line drawing of the car on every panel. The company name, address, motto, and catalog number were also printed on these panels. I purchased this toy from the estate of the original owner and was told that this was the container that came with the toy when it was purchased off the shelf. I mention this because the box image actually shows the Wyandotte non-electrified version of the sedan, catalog number 339. Quality Control in the 1930's was practically non-existent. In other words it's completely plausible that the company used the non-electric version of the box. In no way did this diminish my desire to purchase this toy.

Also included is its original D-cell EverReady battery. It was still inserted into the battery holder when bought the car. There's no leakage because the light switch wasn't in contact with it. 

Size: 9".

Sold: Aug. 2008

Price Sold: $ 420


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