1956 & 1963 Fleischmann, No.235 Whet-Stone with Figure

1956 & 1963 Fleischmann, No.235 Whet-Stone with Figure

Here are two versions of Fleischmann's steam powered grinding stone figures in their original boxes. Both have never been used. Each is a No.235 Whet-Stone (or grinding stone) with figure. Looking at the first photo, the toy on the right was manufactured in 1956, and the left in 1963. 

The toy represents an industrial working man wearing gray shirts, trousers, and cap, with green smock apron. Their articulated metal arms and hands are attached to a metal crank, which connects to a large circular whet-stone set into a tin litho metal housing. The opposite end of the crank has a wooden pulley gear which would attach to a steam driven generator. The machinery and figure are attached to a beveled steel litho base with its original Fleischmann decal on the front. The underside of both are stamped "Made in Western Germany". 

Although they are the same catalog number, changes were made between the eight years that they were produced.  The height and widths are identical. The 1956 figure was narrow, hand painted, and made of composition material. The whet-stone is actually made from compressed stone. The 1963 figure is wider with a much larger head. It's all made of plastic. The whet-stone is also plastic. The Fleishmann name on the earlier toy is a decal. The latter is an adhesive backed sticker.

The boxes are also different. The 1956 box was printed in plain pattern of criss-crossed light green lines. Its lid fit about an 1" down from the top. It has a label printed with the Fleishmann logo and "Made in Western Germany". The 1963 box is made from thicker gauge cardboard. The top section fits completely over the bottom. It has a full color sticker label with the Fleischmann logo and "Made in Germany". It's overall size is slightly larger than the earlier box. The photo on the sticker shows the earlier toy from 1956 which can be confusing if you didn't know which box was correct for each toy. 

Size: 3¼" sq. base x 3½" tall. 

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 158


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