c.1950 Fleischmann, "Man At Well" Steam Toy in Original Box

c.1950 Fleischmann,

Wonderful, unused in the original box Steam Powered "Man At Well" all complete and in its original box. When connected to a steam powered driven motor, the Man At Well rotates the crank which raises and lowers two buckets. 

Toy is manufactured from a number of different materials. The well, base, well roof, and the man's arms are tin litho. The man himself is hand painted, pressed composition material. The buckets and pulley wheels are wooden. The "moving" parts are all metal; bucket chain (brass plated), steel axles, steel spring, and polished tinplate and steel gears.

In addition the well base, circular wall, and roof are all embossed. The base has its original Fleischmann decal, while the underside is stamped "Made in Western Germany" and "14/0".

The two piece box was covered with a light green, tiny cross-hatched design. The only markings are on the applied factory label "1 St. 237" and "Made in Western Germany".

Size: 5" x 3½" x 6¼".

Sold: Jul. 2008

Price Sold: $ 130


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