1916 Hubley Mammy Bank In Original Box

1916 Hubley Mammy Bank In Original Box

Extraordinary example of Hubley's classic cast iron "Mammy Bank" (hands on hips version) from the Donal Markey collection sold by Bertoia Auctions. The piece is in absolute museum quality, perfect mint condition, and although it's the 3rd one I've sold in the original box, it grade by far the best example I've seen. Complementing it is the original box with original tissue paper. Grading as Excellent+, it too is the best I've seen.

It's important to note that Bertoia also graded this piece as being in "MINT" condition. That's a term they very infrequently use.

The bank utilizes the iconic "Mammy", which at one time could've been found in everything from salt pepper shakers to food products.

As a cast iron bank Hubley made several variations in different positions and sizes. This "hands on hips looking straight ahead" version was cast with fine details such as apron pleats and creases in the head scarf. It has its original joining screw to hold it together which has never seen a screwdriver tip!

The box was made from thick, pressed cardboard. It was laminated with thin paper wrapping which shows tots at play surrounded by simple toys like kites, wagons, and pails amidst a scattering of capitalized letters. The children were finely illustrated against a pale yellow background. The underside of the box bottom still has its original Hubley name and catalog number stamp which is easily read. "Mar 1, 1947" was written lightly in pencil on the underside which may have been a gifting date.

It's interesting to point out that I bought and sold this same exact bank twice! Once May 2008, and again in May 2011. The two different selling prices are noted below. The condition did not change during the 3 year interim.

Size: 5½"

Date Sold: May 2008 (1st price noted below) and May 2011

Price Sold: $ 0


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