c.1926 Skeezix, Listerine Toothpaste Holder in Original Box

c.1926 Skeezix, Listerine Toothpaste Holder in Original Box

Original tin litho toothbrush holder of Skeezix from the Gasoline Alley comic strip drawn by Frank King. This premium was sponsored by Listerine Toothpaste (not the mouthwash) which was discontinued years ago. It's unused and in near mint+ condition. It comes with its original box, which is probably just as difficult, if not more so, to find than the holder.  

The figural holder is a flat, two dimensional die cut lithographed tinplate of an adolescent Skeezix c.1926. The front is full color. To prevent the metal from rusting, the back side was also lithographed although it was all one color. It has a single mounting hole above the head. The metal is bent upright 90° on either side of the arms creating two inset holders. The outlined shape of each holder is different. The one near Skeezix's right arm (looking at him straight on it would be on your left) is a perfect "U" shape. This was the toothbrush holder. The holder near Skeezix's left arm (looking at him straight on it would on your right) is a "C" shape. This was the toothpaste tube holder. The cap from the paste would fit perfectly into the "C" and allow it to hang freely without falling out. 

"Prophylactic" meaning a preventative agent (i.e., preventing cavities) was spelled out in syllable form across the character's chest to assist kids in reading this "big" word. The Listerine logo was lithoed just below it. Together, "Prophylactic Listerine", was the product's advertising slogan for several years. "Made In U.S.A." was also lithoed above the toothpaste tube holder. Frank King's facsimile signature was lithoed across the right shoe. There is some kind of light striation just above the figures ankles, but it appears to be part of the lithography and is not a scratch.

The box features a full color, full panel comic illustration of Skeezix along with his dog, "Pal". Back then it was humorous to think of a kid trying to brush his dogs teeth, but this has been a reality for several years using meat flavored toothpaste! Still it's a terrific drawing of the two characters and includes another Frank King facsimile signature. A quaint hand-lettered poem about boys and girls brushing their teeth twice a day to keep them "shiny white" was printed below the drawing. The remaining box panels are blank.

Size: Holder 6". Box 6¼" x 3" x 1". 

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 218


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