c.1938 Marx, Copper Bomber Aeroplane in Original Box

c.1938 Marx, Copper Bomber Aeroplane in Original Box

Extraordinary clockwork tin litho Bomber Aeroplane by Marx. Features rare metallic copper finish and tricycle style landing gear. Comes complete with original box. This is the only example of this toy I've seen and is in incredible near mint condition. 

Using a similar body shape and wing assembly design Marx manufactured nine different military airplanes from 1938-1951. They all had a 13½" wingspan and 18" fuselage. This four motor model is the most difficult to find in the series. It has a brilliant copper finish with chocolate brown colored details. The underside is polished tin. The fuselage is marked with the U.S. Army Air Corps insignia in the center, two socket-held machine guns in front, and a right and left bombardier in the rear. The pilot and copilot are lithoed in the top center fuselage above the wings. It also has a pre-1939 style Marx logo in front of the cockpit.

The four motors have brown and copper cowling with polished tin engines. The propellers are blue celluloid and all original. The wings have embossed stabilizers and parallel rows of oppositely colored rivet heads. It has a double rudder with embossed stabilizers and a boat tail tipped fuselage. 

The landing gear includes a unique tricycle configuration with one narrow wheel in front and two balloon style tires under the wing. The wheel in front is held in place with a strip of ribbon steel which acts as spring suspension. It rides loose on the axle allowing it to make random turns. It uses a spring powered motor with two clockwork gears. 

The box was is all text with the exception of the rear panel. This includes a four step series of schematics showing wing assembly to the fuselage. The endflap was printed with a post-1939 Marx logo. However, it'll be shipped assembled.

Size: 13½" wingspan, 18" fuselage.

Sold: Oct. 2008

Price Sold: $ 514


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