1924 Girard, No.2 Speedo Racer in Original Box

1924 Girard, No.2 Speedo Racer in Original Box

Early narrow gauge, pressed stee,l clockwork racer manufactured by Girard Model Works complete with original box. Excellent to excellent+ condition, complete, and works great!

Vehicle styled after the early torpedo shaped racers with dark red body and yellow wheels, driver, grille and hood divider.  The front hood narrows from the mid-section to the front hood, while the tail tapers into a long cone. The cone wraps 360° around to the entire bottom section. It's then held together  with a large metal link. 

The wheels are single pressed disks. The front axle can be positioned for the racer to move straight, right, or left, by changing the axle slot (see photo below). The axle is held in place using its original metal ribbon clip. The wheel rims, driver, and large number "2" grille are all embossed.

It has an attached key with spring wind-up motor, three interlinked gears and original white elbow bracket which extends its running time by allowing for uniform unwinding.

The box has two wonderful illustrations printed in orange and dark green. One of them shows the Speedo racing across the countryside. A large farm with winding driveway can be seen in the background...and notice the concrete pillars at the foot of the driveway! The other panels shows the racer crossing the finish line at the checkered flag. A couple kiddies in the foreground are shown jumping up and down and running with glee. This panel also includes the manufacturer name and address. The "Nov 22, 1921" patent date printed on every panel represents the patent assignment date for the clockwork motor. The actual toy was produced three years later. The endflaps include the toy name and "Made In U.S.A.".

Size: 8". 

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 380


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