1938 Marx, Toytown Dairy Milk Wagon & Horse in Original Box

1938 Marx, Toytown Dairy Milk Wagon & Horse in Original Box

Superb example of Marx's elegant Toytown Dairy New Milk Wagon and Horse complete with original box. Selling originally for only 25¢ most examples, when found, have been thoroughly played with. This one is in near mint condition!

The tall, narrow wagon compartment was characteristic of many early 20th century horse drawn vehicles. It helped to navigate the predominately rural unpaved roads. It has five die cut windows and doors and a metal harness rod. Lithoed in yellow, red, and white, It has a step-in platform on either side of the door, five die cut openings, and a metal harness rod. The spring wound motor powers the rear wheels and its key is attached. I doubt however, that many of them used whitewall balloon style treaded tires, but the size and color goes well. Up until the mid-1950's this tire style could be found on many of the Marx farm equipment accessories like the mower and hay rake. 

The wagon is towed by a single dapple-gray embossed horse which was extensively lithographed with harnessing straps, reins, blanket, and bridle. The horse was used for several other Marx toys.

The box was printed with all text. The toy name appears on two of the main panels. The remaining two were left blank. The Marx trademarked logo, motto, and toy name were printed on the endflaps. It's interesting to note that the box has an earlier style logo, while the logo on the wagon was the updated version. This change was made in 1938-39 which helps to date the toy. It was also advertised for one year in the 1938 Sears-Roebuck catalog.

Size: 10¾".

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 380


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