1954 Marusan (Linemar), Chevrolet 2dr. Sedan in Original Box

1954 Marusan (Linemar), Chevrolet 2dr. Sedan in Original Box

Magnificent example of one of the most elusive and sought after Japanese built tin litho automobiles ever produced. Manufactured by Marusan for Linemar, the craftsmanship that went into constructing this 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air two door sedan is authentic in every detail right down to the fluted headlight rings. It's complete with every original factory installed component. Nothing is missing....including its original box!

Essentially, it's a solid, well built, two-door, tin litho sedan with rear wheel friction drive motor. The embossed body is lavender-gray contrasted against a dark chocolate colored roof. The chassis is a single black plate. The interior has twin bench seats striped in yellow, brown, and blue. The rear floor board is also cross-hatched. It has an authentically detailed dashboard and lithoed metal steering wheel. The front and rear windshields are blue tinted celluloid. The tires are solid black rubber with wide whitewalls. The front wheels are also capable of manually turning left or right.

The toy accurately reflected newly incorporated features added to the actual 1954 Chevy Bel Air. All were chrome plated. This included a wider grille with two additional tapered "teeth" and revised taillights and hubcaps. Plated accessories included bumper guards (front and rear), side shields (white with raised chromed edges), and fender skirts.

Additional chrome included windshield frames (front and rear), side windows, smoker window, door latches, and rear license plate frame. The soaring eagle hood ornament and front and rear trunk shields precisely followed the Chevy design. The correct colors for the rear 1955 New York state license plate were also used. As if that wasn't enough real glass was used for the headlights!  

The two piece box features a wide cover (pasted) illustration of a red and gray two-tone Chevy set against varying blue background. A stylized eagle hood ornament symbolically soars above. It's marked "Chevrolet" and includes the Linemar logo and motto. The cover itself is a series of tiny white dots on teal green. The left side of the box is stamped "red" and "made in Japan". I realize that a red and yellow version was also produced. The top definitely goes with this bottom section since the tape marks line up perfectly. The box may have been used just to match up with the car, or it may have come that way originally. Can't say for sure, but either way it's still great to have it at all.

Size: 11".

Sold: Aug. 2008

Price Sold: $ 2175


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