1953 Wolverine, White 3000 Mustang DumpTruck in Original Box

1953 Wolverine, White 3000 Mustang DumpTruck in Original Box

Extraordinary, flywheel driven, embossed pressed steel "true to life" Dump Truck manufactured by Wolverine. Complete with original color box. Unusual rounded cab design based on the actual full size truck. Features the authentic "White" truck company logo. 

Brilliantly lithoed in three solid colors; red, yellow, and green with black details which include a rearing Mustang horse on both cab doors. Doors are also embossed and outlined. Additional embossing includes overhead cab lights, headlights, parking lights, and front grille. The deeply treaded tires are solid rubber with polished steel hubs. The dump bed is manually raised using the left side lever. The tailgate is hinged. 

The toy also features an innovative, partially sealed, flywheel friction motor connected to the front axle. It propels the truck, forward or reverse, with just one push. It'll continue moving for several feet on a smooth surface. Overall, the truck is beautifully constructed and solid as a rock. 

This is the only classic truck style (i.e., similar to Marx, Wyandotte, etc.) produced by Wolverine that I'm aware of. The company did manufacture other steel truck models, but those were designed using their standard one-piece block form. The White's truck was produced in several variations including an enclosed van. It's only the second high grade example I've found. 

The original red, white, and blue box was directly printed with two well-drawn, yet simple illustrations. One epitomizes an early 50's style youngster watching sand trickle off the raised dump bed. The opposite panels show the truck from an overhead ¾ perspective. It nearly fills the entire panel. The catalog number and it features of "no key, no winding, no battery" are listed. The endflaps were printed with all text. It's complete with all eight original endflaps.

Size: 12¾". 

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 232


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