1956 Marx, Salerno "Dodge Cookie Van" Truck in Original Box

1956 Marx, Salerno

One of Marx's more difficult to find "brand name" vehicles is this Salerno cookie truck. Beautifully lithographed, it comes complete with its original box. It  originally contained with a sealed plastic bag of cookies in the van. It seems that the "shipment" was eaten and the truck placed back into the box without ever being played. It's rumored that the scarcity of the truck was due to its limited availability only through the Salerno company. Marx manufactured at least two sizes.

The toy was authentically designed and approved by Salerno. It's richly contrasted in navy blue and silver, then accurately lettered with the company name,  an actual product box, and the Salerno shield of Quality. The embossed, silver and black front grille assembly was lithoed DODGE in large capital letters across the top. The polyethylene plastic black treaded tires are embossed "Marx". It was designed as a push toy without a friction or clockwork motor.

The beautiful box was printed with the Salerno name and Quality shield on every main panel. "The text portion was also repeated on the endflaps. The Marx company name and address was printed on two main panels and both endflaps. In fact, it's complete with all eight original endflaps. "Filled with famous Salerno cookies, oven-fresh" printed on the panels is the only remaining clue to its original contents. 

Size: 11"

Sold: Mar. 2009

Price Sold: $ 335


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