1953 Ohio Art, Injun Chief "Mechanical Indian" in Original Box

1953 Ohio Art, Injun Chief

Although not too tough to find in used condition, Ohio Art's clockwork tin litho Injun Chief is very difficult to find in high grades. This example is definitely the best I've seen in near mint condition and is complete with its original green died headdress feather. It also comes with its scarce original box.

One of the reasons which makes it difficult to find in high grade is its "playability". It's fun to watch and easy to use. Wind him up, set him down, and the front and rear limbs move in unison from side to side. The bulging back (which is necessary to conceal the wind-up motor) could be easily dented, while the raised arched design could flatten out with just one kid stepping on it. 

More importantly, it's a very attractive toy. Lithoed primarily in bright red, yellow, and dark blue it was detailed with lacing patterns over the legs and arms, while mosaics crossed horizontally over the back. A huge Ohio Art logo decorates the lower center back. The head, with stern looking face, is three dimensional. The rarely found feather is all intact. These typically disintegrated or broke loose from the head. This one is original and has not been reglued. 

Ohio Art also produced a crawling GI soldier, and crawling Turtle using this same base toy. 

The attractive box was printed pink over a white background. The front and rear panels show the crawling Chief flanked by Evergreens on both sides. The stereotypical "tepees" can be seen off to one side. The manufacturers logo is in the lower left corner. The narrow side panels were printed with mosaics, a thunderbird, and arrows. The endflaps have a single large mosaic with the toy and manufacturer name printed in the center. It's original 79¢ price can still be seen written in light pencil on one main panel. 

Size: 8½"

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 225


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