c.1930 McDowell Mfg. Co., Clockwork Over & Under Toy

c.1930 McDowell Mfg. Co., Clockwork Over & Under Toy

At first glance this may look like a the classic Wolverine #28 Over & Under toy. The design and operation are very similar, but this particular Over & Under was manufactured by the McDowell Mfg. Co. It's not a Wolverine toy. It's marked only "Made In USA" and the similarity between the two could easily cause confusion. That is, if there were more of them. 

From an old Pennsylvania collection this is the first example of the classic Over & Under toy produced by McDowell Mfg. Co. that I've seen. McDowell was also located in Pennsylvania. That's not a coincidence. The original owner was a toy buyer for a large department store and a collector. His position permitted him to acquire several rarely seen Over & Under, and loop the loop toys. The toy is complete, but it hasn't a box.

It functions exactly like the early Wolverine toy, but with several very subtle differences.   

Driver Positionright sideleft side
Base Structurepillared A-framesopen ended box
Base Size11½" x 6" x 3½"6¼" x 2¾" x 3"
Steel GaugeHeavyLight to Medium
Motor PositionVerticalHorizontal
Track Extension w/legsNoYes
Die Cut TrackNoYes
ColorsGreen, red, yellow, orangeGreen, red, yellow, blue
Track UndersideBrass finishBlack finish

Vehicle size, vehicle shape, lift arm length, track width, and track shape are identical. Overall, the McDowell toy is more solid and heavier.

Several of the McDowell characteristics are identical with their other acrobatic track toys. This is how I identified it as a McDowell toy. The other common point with McDowell toys; they're all difficult to find.

The basic function of the toy; it uses an intricate clockwork mechanism to lift a vehicle up and over onto a track located several inches directly above the lower track. The  weight of the auto moves it forward until the upper track levers down perfectly onto the lower track. This pushes it up the incline, gravity returns it to the start where it's lifted again and the cycle repeats. 

Size: as noted. 

Sold: Nov. 2008

Price Sold: $ 148


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