1933 Unique Art Mfg., DareDevil Motor Cop in Original Box

1933 Unique Art Mfg., DareDevil Motor Cop in Original Box

One of the most difficult to find of all the early clockwork tin litho motorcycle toys is this DareDevil Motor Cop manufactured by Unique Art Mfg. This example grades, by far, as the best I've seen. It's in spectacular near mint+ condition. It also comes complete with its original box which is also one of the highest grading I've seen EXC+ to near mint. 

Marx produced a nearly identical 1933 toy called the Police TipOver Motorcycle Cop. It sold for 59¢. Although more solid (it weighs over ½ pound) and more detailed the Unique Art toy retailed for $1.59. Of course, fewer were purchased. Today, it's a difficult toy to find in any condition. In high grade they're nearly impossible to find. 

It's based on an the early 30's style of uniformed motorcycle cop. It uses two parallel revolving rear wheels and a freely spinning three dimensional front wheel. The motorcycle houses an internal clockwork motor which is wound using an attached dual key system. The banana shaped keys rotate as the cycle moves forward. The extended size of the keys causes it to topple over. As the key continues rotating it automatically rights itself and then continues forward until the key completes another cycle. For this reason both it, and the Marx toy, are usually found scratched or scuffed (even slightly if barely used).

The beautiful box was illustrated in the same colors as the motorcycle. The main panels show a smiling cop raised up on his rear tire inside a small dust cloud. Lots of colorful text including the Unique Art circus clown logo, plus the manufacturer's name and address were printed on nearly every panel. One set of endflaps opens like a hinge. The other set of flaps were designed to remain closed using a locking tab.

Size: 8½".

Sold: Jan. 2009

Price Sold: $ 787


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